And creating foundational money systems that support you as you grow? That’s worth every penny. 

To inquire about McGhee’s bookkeeping services or financial operations consulting, fill out the form below. Erin will reach out with more information on how to book a call & the next steps within 48 hours. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions


It all starts with submitting the inquiry form above! That will be sent straight to my inbox so we can set up a call to go over any questions you might have about the service right for you. Then I’ll send over a proposal, contract, and deposit to get started! From there, you’ll have access to your dashboard, where you’ll find all of the documents and questionnaires to officially kick off our partnership – whether it’s short term or you bring us onto the team! 


Our services are centered around bookkeeping for interior design businesses and their industry standards, however McGhee has also partnered with other professionals who use project-based accounting. Most often lawyers, service providers, and coaching businesses! If you aren’t an interior designer, but are interested in working together, fill out the inquiry form above & we’ll chat about whether we’re the right fit for you. 


McGhee is not a tax firm, so we do not file your taxes for you. We will, however, prepare and plan for taxes filing and create reports that make it easy to send directly to a CPA. We will happily work with your current CPA when the time comes or help connect you with one, if you’re looking for suggestions! 


We recommend and most commonly work with Ivy/ Houzz Pro and QuickBooks Online. If you’re currently working within other softwares, no worries! Just let Erin know on your consultation call and she’ll be happy to discuss her experience and suggestions. 


Every business, no matter the size, can benefit from bookkeeping services! Whether you’re ready for outsourcing depends on many things like budget, current financial systems, and more. If you aren’t quite ready for our monthly bookkeeping retainer, check out our Planning and Process Mapping offer or keep your eyes peeled for Behind the Designer, our financial resource hub for interior designers coming soon! You can join the waitlist for that here. 


MCGHEE is more than a team of bookkeepers - we’re specialists with a depth of expertise that allows for a high-level of customization, efficiency, and support for your business as a whole.

Erin, our founder, brings a decade-long career in financial operations and a mission to empower interior designers to take back control of their finances & understand how to optimize systems for long-term success, scaling, and ultimately wealth.

Whether you’re looking to hire our services or join our growing community of interior designers, consider us your go-to partner for all things mastering money systems.

McGhee is ready for you. 

We won’t promise to make finances fun, but we can promise to finally get sh*t done.