We build money systems for functionality, flow, and ease. 

Accuracy, consistency, and profit will follow. Blending our knowledge of the interior design industry with our expertise in financial business operations, we design processes that seamlessly fit into the way you work. 

Our Mission

McGhee cuts through the hush hush mentality of money and business ownership, bringing financial understanding & preparedness to the forefront. 

Our founder, Erin, empowers fellow entrepreneurs to take back control of their systems and truly understand how money moves through their business, but also how to make more of it. Leaning into this mission, she sought out industry leaders and formulated processes to serve our clients with customized strategies that make winging it a thing of the past.

Now it’s our time to be that partner for you. 


Ready to trade fear of finances for mastered money systems? 

McGhee is ready for you. 

We won’t promise to make finances fun, but we can promise to finally get sh*t done.